雪の嵐 Snow storm – ice paintings

05 – 20 march 2015 / BLUTOPIA Records & Books, Rome IT

“A night’s lodging!”
and the sword thrown down
a gust of snow.

(Yosa Buson, 1716 – 1784)

A snow storm. Nothing else. Drawings as pure paintings. White enamel on black paper.
A instinctive abstract landscape. Based on Yosa Buson’s haiku (one of the most famous
poets and painters from Japanese Edo age) and John Cage’s Indeterminacy experimental
works on reading, these drawings become a first state of things.
Disassembling / reassembling as storytelling which breaks down into geometric
shapes. As a Hagakure for “ronin”, dishonored men, samurai without lord.

As lights that implode, leaving no trace.